Tamu Innovations

Tamu Innovations is the Research and Development heartbeat of Tamu. It is led by food innovation specialist, Dr Jonathan Middis who oversees all research and validation efforts into dietary fibre, specifically around enhanced yields, taste, textures, and nutritional profiles. His team works seamlessly with food technologists across different sectors for ingredient characterisation, sensory evaluation, application development as well as process technology improvements, to bring to market healthier, more sustainable and cost-effective solutions.

Tamu Innovations is undertaking several collaborative research programmes with world-class research teams at Monash and Melbourne Universities as well as the medical research team at the Alfred Hospital. As an applications lab, it is connected with food innovation centres in Asia and Europe with the sole objective of bringing to market healthier and more sustainable food and beverage offerings.

Collaborate with Tamu Innovations and explore how Five10Fibre™ can fortify your retail products with the right dietary fibre claims, deliver, cost advantages and create game-changers in your industry through new product developments.

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