Unveiling Five10Fibre™ at the Food Industry Asia Summit in Singapore

Tamu is proud to launch our flagship functional food ingredient, Five10Fibre™ at the prestigious Food Industry Asia Summit held at the Grand Hyatt Singapore on 26 April 2018 as one of the few selected food innovators at the event showcase.

The event, which focused on the topic “Food for the Future, saw Singapore’s Finance Minister, Heng Swee Keat as its guest-of- honour and keynote speaker. During the Minister’s walkabout, we are privileged to have him sampling our fibre-fortified ice cream and grateful for the shout-out during his keynote address which then led to a queue waiting to try it for themselves.

Amongst the many people showing great interest in dietary fibre as a food ingredient are industry giants who are global food manufacturers, innovators, and investors. Our team were there to educate and share all the unique benefits of an insoluble fibre like Five10Fibre™ and the many applications and benefits in terms of health and food costs.

Of some interest is the fact that this form of fibre is low FODMAP certified which means it has been cleared as an ingredient suitable for foods targeted at helping IBS sufferers and largely promotes gut health.

Visitors to the TAMU booth also asked about all the other clean label certifications – gluten-free and allergen-free for instance – and we were proud to share that Five10Fibre™ indeed makes the cut for these claims and more.