Tamu’s Gold Partnership at the Future Food-Tech Summit (S.Francisco, 21-22 March) has been announced: sneak preview of Dr Middis’big news!

Tamu Group is thrilled to be Gold Partner at the Future Food-Tech Summit, that will take place in San Francisco on March 21-22, 2019.
This international event will be bringing together food brands, entrepreneurs and investors to showcase solutions, share ideas and create new alliances.
The theme for 2019 is Transformative Collaborations to Revolutionize the Food Ecosystem. From personalized nutrition, alternative distribution channels and AI, to plant-based proteins and the role of food in health. A 60 strong speaking faculty will define the most effective routes to market and the collaborative partnerships needed to scale innovation and drive the sector forward.
Among the speakers will be Tamu Group’s Chief Technical Officer, Dr Jonathan Middis Phd. Dr Middis is a food and beverage technology expert with over 20 years of experience at the cutting edge of R&D in multinational corporations and specialist industry groups, and he will speak about personalized nutrition.

On 21 March at 10.50am, in the panel titled “Personalized Nutrition: How Do We Move from Tailored Diets for a Niche Market to Becoming a Fundamental Part of Public Health and Diet?” he will speak with Greg McParland – Senior Investment Manager at DSM VENTURING, Shirley Wu, Director of Health Products at 23ANDME and Allison Kuhn, Director of Retail Nutrition at KROGER HEALTH.

“The food system is broken and consumers Tamu is disrupting the trend by providing scalable solutions that combine science with nutritious natural ingredients and products”, said Dr Middis -. Five10Fibre is a key nutrient of concern for health improvements and it needs to become accessible to everyone. Tamu is poised for rapid growth and this is the perfect timing to improve customer’s gut health and the body’s microbiome”.

Don’t miss this roundtable to discover what the science tells us and how far have we come in monetizing innovation and disruption in the personalized nutrition space. We have reached a tipping point. The microbiome, digital health, DNA and blood testing are all potential gamechangers, but where should we expect to be in the next five years with these technologies? How do we take personalized nutrition and make it fit within a CPG model?

Join us at Future Food Tech. More event details here:
https://bit.ly/2DAcRpp @foodtechinvest