Tamu Group becomes first Singapore company to join Food Industry Asia’s Innovation Group

Tamu Group has become the first company to join Food Industry Asia under its newly-launched membership targeting innovative SMEs and start-ups.

Headquartered in the Lion City, Tamu is an agri-processing company that produces healthy functional food ingredients and sustainable energy alternatives.

The company prides itself on using sustainable and renewable resources such as sugar cane with minimal processing to produce a range of healthy functional food ingredients which make the base of their innovative solutions.

Through its research and development centre, Tamu is focusing on fibre research and new technologies to create better value for all stakeholders in the food chain, from farmers to consumers.

Mr Nils Razmilovic, Chief Executive Officer of Tamu Group, said, “The Tamu Group is very excited about joining FIA as its first ever innovation member  to help bring innovation into the mainstream in our goal to assist the global food system with healthier natural  solutions.”

Tamu’s membership is timely with FIA due to launch its new Innovation Working Group, Spark, which aims to bring corporates and start-ups together to collaborate on the future of food across Asia.

Mr Matt Kovac, Executive Director of FIA, said of Tamu’s membership, “We are delighted to have Tamu Group join us as we and the food industry seek to accelerate industry innovation. We are looking forward to welcoming more start-ups to bring new insights and expertise and to facilitate dialogue between big and small food and beverage companies that want to solve the biggest challenges facing the industry and the impact it has on the planet”.

The focus of FIA’s Innovation Working Group Spark will be on alternative proteins, personalised nutrition, healthy aging, gut health, sustainable packaging and other new technologies that will benefit consumers. In forging strong partnerships and collaborations with key stakeholders such as regulators, academia, start-ups, and NGOs, FIA is in a unique position to support the Asian food and beverage industry in leveraging on innovation for a strong and sustainable future.

Dr. Jonathan Middis, Chief Technical Officer of Tamu Group, will be part of the Health & Wellness panel at the FIA Food for the Future Summit on 25 April, where he will be discussing ingredient innovation and gut health alongside other industry experts.