Helping us get more fibre…

Tamu Innovations is a functional food company dedicated to rethinking the value proposition of agricultural waste, specifically sugar cane. Their focus is on the optimal use of the whole food.

“Our mantra is the use of sustainable raw materials and technology in the production of a range of finished goods, leaving no waste and creating far-reaching environmental and societal impact,” says Dr Jonathan Middis, founder of Tamu Innovations.

Dr Jonathan and his team have developed a cost-efficient ingredient that supports enhanced yields, exceptional texture and an improved nutritional profile. The product is a flour-like fibre-rich ingredient that can be used across a wide range of applications: processed meats, soups, snack foods, bakery products, dairy and beverage applications to name a few.

The inclusion of dietary fibre as a key component in formulations promotes a number of benefits that are linked to three of today’s largest global health concerns: diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. Tamu is researching these health benefits further by partnering with leading academics and scientists at Monash and Melbourne Universities to investigate and unlock the functional benefits of cane fibre as part of a healthy diet.

Dr Jonathan is part of Rocket Seeder Spring Crop 17 and is joining other food and agriculture startups in the accelerator program.

“The experience is teaching me about innovation, especially from the perspective of a startup that doesn’t have the structures or bureaucracies that larger organisations do. Or the same perspective of risk, for that matter.

“I am learning through the program about taking a more agile approach to development by rapid testing from our partners, as well as ways to accelerate commercialisation.”

Dr Jonathan and his team are on the verge of announcing their first product partnership.