Channel News Asia Interview: Dietary Fibre as the next Nutritive Weapon in the war against Diabetes and Obesity

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Dr Jonathan Middis, Chief Technology Officer of Tamu Innovations, was interviewed live on 25 April 2018 on the Health Matters segment of the Channel News Asia morning programme, First Look Asia.

Diabetes is a huge and growing burden for many countries across the world. Globally, more than 400 million adults lived with the condition, and this number is expected to rise to 640 million by 2040. In Singapore, it is estimated that about 11% of people have the condition, and one in 3 Singaporeans have a lifetime risk of getting diabetes, and the Singapore Ministry of Health has openly declared the country’s war against diabetes in 2016, and the battle continues…with efforts to tackle this from all angles

Obesity is often linked to Type 2 diabetes, and so, both these conditions are considered major lifestyle diseases of today.

As the cost to the state has escalated in monetary terms of healthcare interventions to tackle diabetes and obesity-related illnesses, governments around the world have stepped in with initiatives to tackle both these issues.

So this timely interview by Channel News Asia posed the question – In the war against Diabetes and Obesity…What is the secret Nutrition Weapon?

While sugar has been in the forefront in these health wars and very much demonised in the public eye across continents, one much less talked about nutritive weapon is dietary fibre!

Watch this clip to join in the conversation about why you need to be aware about the importance of getting enough fibre into your diet every day. Dr Jonathan Middis and Fiona Chia, nutritionist, both share how you can do this. Enjoy!